David Perez

entrepreneur | designer

David Perez is the founder of DPRLAB "It's Just a Concept" and Exotik Body Fitness. Crafting captivating visuals since 2006, helping Small Business tell their stories and drive results with creative advertising. With years of advertising experience in the Hospitality and Real Estate Industry, David has perfected what it takes to become a success in the world of entrepreneurship. Unleash your creativity with David's expertise in design and marketing.With his insider knowledge, you'll be able to create a powerful marketing framework for your brand. Get tips and strategies on how to reach your goals, invest wisely, and grow. David Perez is a Visual Storyteller and Creative Guerilla Marketer based in Florida. Crafting experiences and captivating visuals for Upscale Bars, Restaurants, and Boutique Shops.Let's create something beautiful together!